Vegan flat bread / crackers

When you get on healthy diet it might be very hard to cut bread… but what if you like a small ham and tomato sandwich for breakfast, or cheese snacks for the afternoon? If you have this problem, I found a solution for you! Vegan flat bread is very simple to make, and we don't... Continue Reading →

Krakersy- Chlebek Wegański

Wiele diet opiera się na redukcji chleba, a w szczególności pszennej mąki..ale co w takim razie jeść jeśli ktoś lubi małe kanapeczki z szynką i pomidorem na śniadanie, lub zakąski z serem na popołudnie? Jeśli masz ten problem, to znalazłam coś dla Ciebie! Chlebek wegański jest bardzo prosty w zrobieniu, nie potrzebujemy złożonych składników, a... Continue Reading →

Vegan, gluten-free cocoa cookies

Baking doesn't have to be time-consuming or connected with eating lots of sugar! The cookies I want to present to you today are based on two ripe bananas and no sugar whatsoever. Moreover, you can make them in less than 10 minutes! Deep cocoa flavour will fulfill your sugar cravings for sure! It works for... Continue Reading →

Vegan pancakes

I'm not vegan but sometimes I make things out of nothing and surprise myself how good something can be. Yes, one morning I got up and it seemed that there was nothing for breakfast. I gathered what I had and I ended up having amazing pancakes for breakfast. Not only healthy, but also vegan as... Continue Reading →

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