Vegan flat bread / crackers

When you get on healthy diet it might be very hard to cut bread… but what if you like a small ham and tomato sandwich for breakfast, or cheese snacks for the afternoon? If you have this problem, I found a solution for you! Vegan flat bread is very simple to make, and we don't... Continue Reading →

Apple-cinnamon Mini Muffins

Rainy Friday in Barcelona (yes, it happens) so I wanted to prepare something nice to have with my coffee. As I had a bowl of apples in the kitchen, I decided to use them. Also, I used other fruits I had in the freezer to make variety of muffins. Super easy to prepare, healthy as... Continue Reading →

Vegan pancakes

I'm not vegan but sometimes I make things out of nothing and surprise myself how good something can be. Yes, one morning I got up and it seemed that there was nothing for breakfast. I gathered what I had and I ended up having amazing pancakes for breakfast. Not only healthy, but also vegan as... Continue Reading →

Oat Energy balls

Do you sometimes feel that you are not hungry, but have a craving for something? There is nothing better than having the energy balls in the fridge for moments like that. Since starting the Fit6 program, I need to be very careful what I eat, which products I use. That is how I created the... Continue Reading →

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