Blueberry sugar-free cookies

Yesterday I made my favourite sugar-free cookies with some blueberries and dark chocolate. As I am still following the FIT 6 program, I am determined to bake healthy and reduce sugar in my kitchen as much as it is possible. Also, I dont use white flour anymore. Instead, I use oats and I make flour... Continue Reading →

Vegan pancakes

I'm not vegan but sometimes I make things out of nothing and surprise myself how good something can be. Yes, one morning I got up and it seemed that there was nothing for breakfast. I gathered what I had and I ended up having amazing pancakes for breakfast. Not only healthy, but also vegan as... Continue Reading →

Gluten-free Pizza

It is not easy to be on a diet, especially when you are expecting friends to come over for a movie night and a pizza! Being in my second month of FIT6 program, I faced this problem and the smell of a pizza in the oven almost killed me. That is the reason why I... Continue Reading →

Healthy Chocolate Cake

Being on a diet is sometimes not that easy, especially when you feel like something sweet. I know something about it, I have been in the FIT6 program for 4 weeks now and I must admit that wanting something sweet to go with my coffee motivates me for new experiments in the kitchen. This time... Continue Reading →

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