How to get rid of limescale and dirt without chemicals

How many times you clean the bathroom and can’t get rid of the limescale buildup formed around the sink tap or in the shower? Well, I am sure it happened to you at least once!

There are many products nowadays that you can buy in the supermarket and sometimes it is hard to choose from. One product for the shower, one for limescale, another one just for cleaning the dirt.. etc. The list is long. However, have you ever thought that those chemicals might be toxic, might destroy your hands or you can inhale pure chemicals when you are cleaning your bathroom!

Since I am trying to eliminate all toxic chemicals from my household, I also had to find the solution for limescale and dirt in a bathroom and kitchen.

Actually, solution is very easy! Today I really want to show you this and I am sure that you will never get back to the chemical cleaning products! Plus, you don’t have to spend a fortune!

Two ingredients that you need are bicarbonate soda and citric acid. Yes, two things that you might be using in your cooking already!

I took photos to show you how it works! Have a look!

Can you see the limescale buildup around the tap?? Super annoying as it doesn’t come off with normal cleaning product.

I wet the surface where the limescale is visible. I take bicarbonate soda. In Carrefour you can find it for €0.70.

Cover the limescale with the soda.

Next, we need citric acid. I bought a big box of 1kg a year ago!

Once you put citric acid on the wet bicarbonate soda, it will foam up. Leave it for at least 3 minutes.

Clean it with a sponge. The limescale will start to come off! How simple!

Spotless! Unbelievable, isn’t it? Have you ever thought that you don’t need chemical to remove limescale?

So, the limescale is gone, but what about the rest of the cleaning?? It is so simple, you can use the same products to clean the whole sink, shower, tiles, toilet etc. It will make your bathroom or kitchen spotless! You really don’t need five or more of different products. Believe me!

If you want to add extra smell, for example fresh lemon or orange, you can buy a small bottle of essential oil and use few drops with your soda. Lemon essential oil also helps cleaning the surfaces. A 10 ml bottle lasts forever.

Let’s save the environment, our health and our wallets from today! 🙂

If you try it, please share with me!

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