After 2 months in FIT6 program

The Fit6 diet program is based on 6 stages, in which the list of products that we can eat changes so that our metabolism begins to function properly, the immune system performs its function, and we start feeling full of energy and without unnecessary kilograms.

Of course, like everyone else, I started this diet with a skeptical attitude, but if nothing works anymore, why not try it! With a clear conscience I must admit that I was very determined in the first stage, and I was not tempted by anything that was beyond the list of products that I was allowed to eat. After the first month, I lost 2 kg and a few centimetres. Comparing with others, I expected a little better results, but at the same time I knew that with my hormonal problems it was still a good result. In the middle of the first month, I also started to return to my regular exercise.

In the second month, stage 2 of the program, I broke the rules few times and had a drink or two. Well, no one is perfect, but knowing I would be tempted to have a drink, I went for a low sugar alcohol, mostly gin. In the last week of stage 2, I noticed a big change when I checked the scale, 5 kg were gone! Also, more centimetres disappeared, especially from my legs. The weight finally showed the longed 65 kg! I have started to feel really wonderful!!

The coolest thing about all this, apart from the lost kilos, is that cellulite has disappeared from my legs, which has been bothering me for the past few years. As proof, below is my photo taken in August!

With Fit6, I have definitely learned to eat meals regularly and pay attention to what I eat. In the beginning, of course, it’s hard to get used to and get into the rhythm, but then it only gets better. What is important for me, I have never felt hungry, and I was able to lose kilos! In the next post, I’ll tell you a little more about meals, organizing temporarily, and I’m going to the third stage!

This year I was finally brave to wear shorts

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