Starting Fit6 diet program

My new attempt to lose weight before summer

Most of us at some point is searching for a good diet, either for weight loss or just a healthy lifestyle. There are different diets, and you can find something for yourself if you start googling. Some diets are based on counting calories, some on fasting, some on a regular workout. Of course, the important thing is that you can find a plan suitable for yourself. It is no point starting and committing to a diet where you have to stop eating bread or any sugars if it seems to you as torture and you know that you enjoy it too much. 

You have much bigger chances of succeeding if you find a diet that you agree with, that is not going to be a pain for you and where you are not going to count days just to finish it to be able to come back to your bad habits. A good diet aims to motivate you for changing bad habits and to implement positive changes into your lifestyle, not only for the duration of the diet. 

I have been looking around for a while, trying on my different plans, reducing sugars, implementing exercises. Unfortunately, sometimes the motivation is low, sometimes friends break your strong will and you start making exceptions, sometimes you have no time to prepare meals. That was in my case as well. However, my friend recommended me Fit6 plan. I decided to have a look, watch the online webinar about it, read about the steps to know a bit more, and see if it fits me. 

Why Fit6?

I decided to start it and now I will tell you why I made that decision and what I like about this diet plan.

Firstly, I have seen the result of real people. This is something very important for me, as I struggle with hormonal problems, therefore, just seeing a young, slim, and fit girl as an example is not good enough for me and would not convince me. I saw my friend’s mum’s picture after 8 months of using the program and this gave me hope. 

Secondly, you receive a set of supplements for 30 days. These supplements are the vitamins and minerals, which we all should be taking. However, I normally forget about taking single vitamins, or the supplements are usually expensive and sometimes we just don’t know which we should take. Fit6 has its supplements called Nutricode, and you can drink them. Also for the night, you have capsules with lemon balm and hop extract, which makes you relaxed and improves your sleep. 

The next factor for me, is the community of the participants. There are various groups on Facebook, where people share their results, recipes. It is nice to see that we are not the only ones struggling. It is amazing to get inspired by others and find yummy recipes. 

Also, the steps of Fit6 are very clear and it is up to you when you want to finish it. The first step is to prepare you for losing weight, it cleans your body from toxins. With each step, you get instructions on what you can eat, and what you can’t. If you have doubts, there is the whole community you can ask on Facebook, or you can directly message the dietitian who works for Fit6. 

Follow me in this challenge

Overall, I think that if a diet motivates you to stick to it and enjoy it, it is definitely worth trying. Just the factors I listed above are good reasons for me to stay with Fit6 and check it out. It is my first month, so let’s hope that it is a good start. Also, as it is interesting to be discovering new healthy recipes, not only because of joining Fit6 but because of the boredom during the COVID-19 isolation, I decided to start sharing them here and maybe inspire others. Let me know if you like them! 

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